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Gymnastics Programs

Gymnastics Programs in Martinez, GA

Children learn, grow strong, and make lifelong memories at Gymnastics Gold. We’re leaders in gymnastics for kids, offering comprehensive programs for preschoolers, boys, girls, and tumblers in Martinez, Evans, Grovetown, and Augusta, GA. Whether you’re introducing your youngster to gymnastics or they’ve already mastered the basics, your child will feel right at home at our gymnastics school. We also offer gymnastics camp, adaptive programs, and more!

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Young girls with gymnastics medals from Gymnastics Gold

Preschool Gymnastics

  • 18 months to 4 years old

It’s never too early to introduce your toddler to the sport of gymnastics! Our preschool gymnastics program focuses on teaching young children the fundamentals of balance and coordination in a fun and stimulating learning environment.  

Ninja Classes

This is for boys and girls ages 5-12 who love to swing, climb and balance. This class will allow your child to swing on the bars, ropes and rings; climb up the balance beam at an angle, the rock wall and the cargo net!

Girls Developmental Gymnastics

  • Ages 5 & Older
  • Advanced Preschool
  • Levels I & II: 55-minute class
  • Levels III: 1 hour 25-minute class
  • Advanced Level III: 2 hours
  • Homeschool Gymnastics

Do you have a little girl who loves leaping, swinging, and showing off her flexibility and jumping skills? Our girls developmental program is perfect for channeling her inner gymnast! In this program, she’ll learn the basics of gymnastics and develop her flexibility and range of motion while practicing the following disciplines:

  • Vault
  • Bars
  • Beam
  • Floor

For advanced students, we offer chances to participate on our competitive teams by invitation only.

Boys Developmental Gymnastics

  • Ages 5 & older
  • Level I: 55-minute classes
  • Level II: 1 hour 25-minute class
  • Homeschool Gymnastics

Is your little boy a ball of energy who loves bouncing and flipping around? At Gymnastics Gold, we’re one of the few facilities in Martinez, GA, that offers gymnastics programs for boys. In this developmental program, your boy will channel his energy and develop his balance and core strength as he masters the following disciplines:

  • Floor
  • Pommel Horse
  • Rings
  • Vault
  • Parallel Bars
  • High Bar

Advanced students can participate on our competitive teams by invitation only


  • Ages 7 & older
  • Beginner to advanced levels: 55-minute class

At Gymnastics Gold, we offer tumbling classes and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to help gymnasts practice their:

  • Cartwheels
  • Roundoffs
  • Back-handsprings
  • Tucks & fulls
  • Walkovers
  • Handstands

Students practice on a spring floor and a cheer floor, as well as an in-ground pit and a 30-foot tumbling track. They also have a chance to use a variety of mats that will assist in learning the skills.

Competitive Teams

  • Invite only

Gymnastics Gold is proud of our boys and girls competitive teams. We participate in both AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and USA Gymnastics. Those young boys and girls who demonstrate a mastery of basic gymnastics skills, and who express an interest in competing, are invited to join one of our competitive teams. Through more aggressive training, they are able to rise from an entry-level competitive team (Level 1 to Level 10/Elite) and develop poise, confidence, individuality, mental and physical discipline, and the ability to work as a team. We have several state, regional, and national qualifiers and champions. Competitive gymnasts train year-round.

Adult Gymnastics

  • $10 per visit
  • $35 registration fee is required at the 2nd visit
  • Call 706-650-2111 for hours

Are you looking for a fun way to stay fit and improve your flexibility? We offer an adult gymnastics program that gives you full access to our facility and equipment. You can practice your gymnastics, and we also have an instructor available to assist if needed. Whether you want to practice your old floor routine or try balancing on the beam, we’re happy to accommodate you!

Have questions about our programs & classes? Reach out to us!

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