Developmental Gymnastics

Our program applies a progressive approach to increase the student’s body awareness, range of motion, strength, and the ability to perform basic gymnastics skills. From the beginning, we place emphasis on strength and flexibility in accordance with the most current proven principles of physical development. We document and check off skills to monitor the student's progression in skills. Recommendations for advancement are made by the individual instructors.

Girls' Developmental Gymnastics

Girls five years and older are instructed on the four Olympic disciplines of uneven bars, balance beam, vault and floor exercise. Girls' classes are listed by level, with "1" being the entry level. Girls' classes are one hour in length, with the exception of level three and four, which is one and a half hours.


Fall 2018



BoyDevelopment Gymnasticss' Developmental Gymnastics

Boys are instructed on the six Olympic events consisting of parallel bars, mushroom/pommel horse, high bar, vault, rings and floor exercise. Classes are one hour in length, with the exception of advanced classes, which meet for one and a half hours.

Fall 2018


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