Gymnastics Gold Policies Click here to download a copy of the policies (30 kb).


As educators in the sports of gymnastics and cheerleading, we strive to provide a safe environment for each individual to grow mentally and physically while experiencing the job of participation.


Absence: There are no make-up classes. In circumstances of severe illness or other catastrophic events (substantiated by a doctor) lasting two consecutive weeks or more, the participant’s tuition for the next month will be pro-rated accordingly.

Attendance: Classes begin promptly as scheduled. Please assist the instructional staff by having the participant properly attired (see “attire”) and ready for warm-ups. As class interruptions are distracting to all participants, please make sure that your child uses the restroom (especially preschool) before class begins.

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Attire: Clean, conservation, well fitting and appropriate attire is conducive to safety and is required. Female gymnastics are requested to wear a one-piece leotard. Skirted ballet leotards are not suited for gymnastics events. Male gymnasts are required to wear a tank top or fitted T-shirt, tucked in, with comfortable shorts (no snaps or buckles). Sweatshirts, oversized T-shirts, tight cotton or blue jean shorts, jeans and halter/crop tops are not considered appropriate attire. Gymnasts are required to go barefoot or purchase gymnastics slippers (not to be confused with ballet slippers). Cheerleaders can opt for shorts, a tucked in T-shirt, socks and clean-bottomed tennis shoes or athletic shoes. All participants with hair longer than chin length are required to have their hair restrained in a comfortable style using an elastics band. Large hair clips, plastic head bands and bubble ponytail holders are both unsafe and uncomfortable. The only jewelry permitted is stud earrings. Please leave watches, rings, bracelets, etc. at home. Gymnastics Gold is not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings/valuables.

Birthday Parties/Special Events: Gymnastics Gold provides a birthday party or special event that your child will long remember. The affordable rate includes age appropriate games using a variety of gymnastics equipment and a separate area for cake and ice cream. Parties are for 20 children not including the birthday child and are held on Friday evening and Saturday. Reservations are required at least two weeks prior to the party and a $25 deposit must be paid within 48 hours of making the reservations. Parties include party drink, balloons, invitations w/envelopes and we provide all the clean-up. We can assist in other ways such as cutting and serving the cake and making a list of gifts received and the name of the giver. The birthday child receives a Gymnastics Gold birthday T-shirt. Parties of more than 20 participants require an additional $30 and paid at the time the reservation is made.

Class Cancellation: Classes are calculated on the year round number of classes offered and averaged so your tuition remains constant through the school year. Yes, there are months like December with only two or three classes offered, but there are other months that offer five classes. Should Gymnastics Gold need to cancel a class due to illness or emergency, the class will be made up at a later time. If you miss a class for personal reasons, there is no make-up offered.

Competitive Teams: Gymnastics Gold teams compete in both USA Gymnastics (USAG) and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) sanctioned events. Participation on a competitive team is by invitation only.

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Cubbies: Participants’ shoes, socks, clothing and personal items are to be stored in the cubbies during class. The cubbies are located in the gym. Parents are asked to assist participants with checking their cubby upon departure as Gymnastics Gold is not responsible for any item(s) left behind.

Credit Cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted as well as debit cards. Billing will show as Gymnastics Gold on your monthly statement. To initiate automatic card billing for tuition, please contact the front desk personnel.

Evaluation: Every effort is made to enroll your child in the class best suited to their individual skill requirements. Assessment is made on experience, and, if necessary, individual testing. Children are recommended to move up to the next higher level once they have mastered the skills at the level they are currently enrolled in.

Gym Rules: In any activity there exists the potential for injury, minimal to catastrophic. The following rules and regulations are strictly enforced:

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Private lessons: Private lessons are available only to participants already enrolled in one of our programs. Private lessons are available in 30 or 60-minute increments. You pickup your own instructor and set your appointment time(s) with him/her. Payment is made directly to the instructor. Private lessons are for a specific skill or event.

Refunds: Gymnastics Gold does not offer refunds. The annual registration fee is non-refundable. If the participant is unable to participate in a program for an extended period, we will transfer your paid tuition to another participant, program, or defer that payment to the time they return to class.

Registration Fee: Each participant is required to submit a yearly registration fee as posted for their age group upon initial registration and, thereafter, yearly on the anniversary of their registration. This registration entitles the participant to participate in any of the gym programs. Registration is non-refundable.

Return Check Fee: A $15 fee per returned check occurrence is assessed. Gymnastics Gold reserves the right to request payments be made in cash or bank check.

Telephone: Sorry, the front desk phone is not for public use.

Termination of Class Participation: Gymnastics Gold requires that a one-month, written termination of participation notice be submitted to front desk personnel. This notice alerts front desk personnel to make your child “inactive” in our database so that you are not sent a notice of late payment. If notice is not received, you are billed for one month’s tuition regardless of your child’s lack of participation. Your assistance in this area is greatly appreciated.

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Tuition: Tuition payments are due on the first of every month and are considered late after the 10th of the month. Payment received after the 10th of the months is assessed a $10 late fee. If payment, including the late fee, is not received by the end of the month, the participant’s gym privileges will be terminated. Unless specific financial arrangements have been made in advance with the Gym Director or Office Manager, the stated payment due dates and fee(s) are the only accepted consideration. Payment can be made with cash, check or debit/credit card and can be made in person, telephonically, or through the mail. To initiate automatic credit card billing for tuition, please contact the front desk personnel.

Discounts: Families with more than two children participating in classes are eligible for a 10% reduction in class tuition. Families with three or more children in classes are eligible for a 20% discount in tuition. Military families are eligible for a 10% discount in tuition. Only one discount applies per family. Registration, competitive team fees, camp, Parents’ Night Out, etc. are not discounted.

Viewing: To insure each participant is allowed to focus on the planned activity, we request parents remain in the viewing area. While we understand that you are proud of your child’s accomplishments, please afford us the opportunity of conducting class with a minimum of distraction. Please refrain from knocking on the windows, opening doors, yelling through the glass, waving, etc.

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